Theatre Reviews: Studio Movie Grill, Chicago

Theatre Reviews: Studio Movie Grill, Chicago
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Whenever you’re watching the trending movies that you’ve been waiting for so long, it’s very exciting and it’s a nice way to spend your free time as well. However, during those times usually, our stomach may growl, even though if you’ve just eaten your lunch or dinner a few hours ago. Sometimes our appetite is rising not just because of the lack of food in our belly. Sometimes, it happens due to the atmosphere of the place where we’re at the moment. In this case, when you want something to eat in the middle of a movie in a theatre, while also you don’t want anything light just like a mere popcorn, then you should watch a movie at the Studio Movie Grill for a fine feast during your anticipated movie.

In this special brand of a cinema, you can expect to bring a heavy food for your lunch or dinner during a movie. Yes, we mean that it’s allowing you to bring your food into a studio which is actually must be kept clean at all times. Nevertheless, although the concept may not be new for most people, for some others, they may haven’t heard the concept of a studio which allows them to eat their dinner or lunch during a movie.

The variety of homemade American menus such as burgers and variety of grills can be ordered. Although you may want something which is easy to eat during a movie, so you won’t mess your clothes and seat, but it’s also okay to order something messier with more sauces. Overall, when it comes down to a cinema which is also operating as a restaurant, the Studio Movie Grill is definitely a good place for you to choose from.

However, just like many things in the world, this company isn’t perfect. The good branch which has received a lot of recommendations is the one in Chicago. This branch has served a lot of people who have been satisfied by this branch of the cinema. Meanwhile, the one in Duluth is famous for its low-level service, due to the staffs who are working there are simply quite disrespectful towards their customers. Therefore, when you want to visit one of the best branches of the Studio Movie Grill, the one in Chicago is highly recommended.

Aside from that, the parking lot is spacious and during the peak periods, you may still be lucky enough to have a parking spot left if you don’t show up too close to the movie hour. Then, don’t forget to also talk to the manager if the waiters and waitresses there are forgetting your orders, even simply forget to give you your sauces or mayonnaise for your foods. Unfortunately, the one in Duluth has such a bad service, so even asking for a simple mayo for your cheeseburger can take a lot of time, all the while a popcorn may reach your lap in the studio after the first 30 minutes of the movie. Therefore, we highly recommended for you to visit the one in the Chicago if you want to try the experience, while also avoiding the one in the Duluth for the time being.