Reasons for Dental Extraction

Reasons for Dental Extraction
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Although permanent teeth should be maintained for life, there are several reasons that cause tooth extraction to be done. The reason could be because the tooth has an infection, damage, to too many teeth in the mouth. You can visit mount prospect dentist to undergo this treatment.

A tooth should be revoked when it is severely damaged. If not removed, this damaged tooth can interfere with other teeth and the health of your oral cavity. Continuous pain can be a major sign that your teeth need to be removed. This pain can be caused by several things, such as the presence of an infected tooth cavity, gum infection until a tooth breaks.

Other reasons that might be the background for removing teeth are:

– The mouth that is too full

The back molars generally only grow in their 20s, when there are around 28 adult teeth in the mouth. In this situation, it is very likely that there is no place for molars to grow properly or only appear partially. Possible things that can happen is forced contact with the molars with other teeth, which encourages and causes pain or disruption to other teeth.

Impacted teeth can be difficult to clean from bacteria trapped around them and potentially develop into infectious plaques. Some types of disorders that may be experienced include abscesses, gingivitis, and dental caries. Therefore, some teeth sometimes need to be revoked.

– Infection or risk of possible infection

The pulp is the root of a tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves. If there is a hole or damage to the tooth, bacteria can enter the pulp and cause infection. Some cases can be treated with root canal therapy (RCT). However, in some cases, when RCTs and antibiotic use have not helped, revocation needs to be done so that the infection does not spread. In addition, extraction is also needed if your immune system is weak so infection may occur, such as when undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplants.