Cafe Reviews: Doncho’s Cafe Restaurant, Virginia

Cafe Reviews: Doncho’s Cafe Restaurant, Virginia
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When you want something light to eat, along with a coffee during your afternoon break, a cafe is an essential place for you to visit. The calm and quiet atmosphere of a small cafe may make you feel a bit nostalgic about the younger days of your life, all the while the business of your day to day activities will be left behind for a while. Furthermore, if you’re born before the 2000s, then with a nice cafe with the 90s design and decorations, you will likely fall in love with the Doncho’s Cafe Restaurant.

Along with the wide variety of menus with the heartwarming services, you will likely not be disappointed with your visit to this restaurant in Virginia. Although it’s obviously not the number one in the state, you can still expect the satisfying foods and drinks along with the big and warm smiles from the waitresses there. Although you may still feel a little bit of discomfort from the people who are bustling around the nursery and the shop during the peak periods, the coffees may blow away any bad taste that the atmosphere has brought to you during its busiest hours.

It’s true that having a nursery and a shop under one roof with this restaurant, it’d be easier for you to buy things that you might need there, and then fill your empty stomach after you’ve done shopping. If you’re a vegan, the avocado smash and the veggie stack are highly recommended. It’s an obvious healthy choice but you can expect their taste to be so wonderful! Just like their coffees! Other than that, although the other menus may be quite mediocre, you can still expect them to be fairly satisfying, and it won’t be a bad place for your meetings with friends and business partners alike, as long as they don’t have the extravagant taste for a place to eat.

Aside from that, you should also try the sweets in this cafe too. You can order quite a wide kinds of sweets that will make fine desserts. However, the Cheesecake shines brighter among all of them, that is if you really like cheese. Then, when it comes down to the heavier menus, we recommend you to try the Chef’s Special Rib-Eye Steak, which is a done medium rare steak with a side dish of crispy potatoes along with the sauce. It’s $27 but it’s worth every penny. Other than that, some seafood lovers also love to eat the salt and pepper squid as well. Overall, it’s an excellent place to eat, and some of those who have fallen in love with Doncho’s Cafe Restaurant even order private reservations for some tables for their own special occasions.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that it isn’t the number one in the area, it doesn’t mean that it can shine as bright as the top cafes in the USA. You should never let any chance to visit this cafe to slip by whenever you’re visiting Virginia, or simply drive through this part for the country. The chance for a satisfying experience is high, all the while you may miss your moments when you were eating there either alone or along with some companions.