You Must Know About 3-Acts Structure Motion Graphics

You Must Know About 3-Acts Structure Motion Graphics
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Using motion graphics to explain a product/service, describing the results of research, issues, or a program does not only require compelling visuals, we first need to carefully design content. The script is the backbone of the motion graphic. The script will define all aspects that help in creating an interesting, fun and classy animation. That is the reason for the importance of us compiling a solid script. If you are not familiar, writing a script will be a terrible scourge. However, a good script is simple. The structure of the motion graphic script is the same as Hollywood films which, if we trace it further, are rooted in classical Greek drama theory. Apart from that, if you need a large-scale motion graphic advert for a gigantic company, we recommend you to try a reliable 3D Mapping service.

3-ACTS Structure

Aristotle once said each story consists of 3 parts:

Beginning Introducing the characters and the problems that became the main conflict in the story.

Middle. The story revolves around revealing and explaining efforts to resolve conflicts.

End The story arrives at the moment when the conflict is finally resolved, then finished.

Act 1. What (Beginning) – What are the problems facing the target audience?

Just like the film, the initial round of motion graphics begins with introducing characters and conflicts to attract the attention of the audience. The characters in motion graphics are none other than the target audience (buyer persona) and the conflict is the problem of those that our brand/organization is trying to solve.

Act 2. How (Middle) – How do companies/organizations solve problems?

Now that we’ve gotten the attention of the audience who are curious about the problem we are describing, it’s time we give them a solution. In the second half of motion graphics, the brand/organization appears as a hero who helps the audience get out of a problem.

Act 3. Why (End): Why should you choose our brand/organization?

Remember! Many competitors are solving the same problem out there. We need to convince the audience that our brand/organization offers the best solution. Therefore, in the last round of motion graphics, we focus on explaining the features and benefits of products/services that distinguish us from competitors.