You Can Do These Tips To Remove Mice From Your Ceiling

You Can Do These Tips To Remove Mice From Your Ceiling
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There are various ways to repel mice. The first is a method which uses vinegar, egg shells, tea bags, soursop leaves, camphor, noni fruit, black pepper, and coffee. The number of ways to repel these mice will not be discussed one by one but only the most effective ones, such as the eggshell or vinegar method. These two methods are considered as natural ways to drive powerful mice. Unfortunately, mice don’t hide in one place. Sometimes the most common are mice that often hide on the ceiling. This is difficult. That’s why people often hire the exterminators in Surrey for this kind of a scenario. Many people tend to let that happen because they are not considered to be able to go down. It’s actually wrong. They have good abilities in climbing. So even though they were in the ceiling, they had to be evicted.

Here are some tips for you to eradicate mice from your ceiling:

It’s actually quite easy. All you have to prepare are things that mice don’t like. One of them is that mice hate a clean and fragrant environment. For that, you must first clean the ceiling. There is no need to clean it thoroughly, just make sure that there is no garbage there.

Then spread camphor which has a pungent aroma. Mice will not like the scent, so they will tend to avoid areas that are given camphor. Try to spread camphor and soursop leaves which are also hated by rodents. Leave one spot and do not give camphor or yellow leaves. You can put in that special spot a rat poison in the form of a bar. Cut into small pieces according to the capacity of mice.

The poison has been formulated to be liked by mice in terms of aroma. So when a rat is confused to find a place because it has been filled with camphor, then he will approach the spot with a trap to stay. In addition, the poison is similar to chocolate which was favored by rats. If it’s eaten, the mice will feel thirsty. Then the mice will try to find a source of water to drink. Well, when they drink it, the poison works after being exposed to water.