Unique Wooden Wall Decoration

Unique Wooden Wall Decoration
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Want to change the look of the walls of the house? You can decorate walls with simple ways to create a fresh look. This material can give a natural impression to the room. Wood is an exclusive material that can create a warm impression and spark a natural feel at home. It is undeniable, wood material has its own nuances that are very distinctive. Through the appearance of fibers and their natural color, wooden wall hangings or wood pottery will make your home more comfortable to live in.

Painting on Wooden Canvas
Bored with ordinary wall paintings on canvas made of cloth? Use a wooden board, cut according to the desired size. Paint wooden boards with a variety of beautiful illustrations. Besides giving a natural impression, the paintings on it add to the aesthetic value of the room.

Wooden Wall Clock
Every house must have a wall clock. Many materials can be used to make this one object, one of which is wood. You can shape wood into wall clocks in various shapes. To be more aesthetic, try to create it by adding color to some parts of the clock. You can use natural colors like black and white.

Wooden Frame
Wall decoration from wood can also be a frame. Either used to display photos, paintings, posters, or the results of your craft. Whatever you attach, it will look more aesthetic in this wooden frame. If you get bored with the shape of the box, try using a circular frame.

Wooden Clipboard
So that the walls of your office or room look more beautiful, you can install wooden slats. Place the board right in front of the desk or study table. You can use the board as a clipboard, to display important things such as to-do lists or assignments. Or it can also be decorated with personal objects, such as polaroid photos.