Types of Safe Electrical Installation Circuits For Home

Types of Safe Electrical Installation Circuits For Home
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Electrical installation is an important part of a building that serves to distribute electric power from the installation of electricity businessmen to the load points. In electrical engineering how to install electrical cable installation network there are several types or (type) series of the electrical installation that is safe for home. this time I will discuss the types of electrical installation circuits because I think it is necessary to know the consumer when they want to install electrical installations on their homes, other than that this article will also be useful for the electrician to easily explain the kind of electrical circuit safe for a consumer house.

– Single line power installation (1 MCB)
Single line electric installation is mostly found in old home houses and does not require a large enough electricity consumption, the electricity consumption range is only 4 ampere to 6 amperes only. All loads of electricity usage is only charged to one line only.

– Installation of electric duo line (2 MCB)
Such electrical installations will be slightly more expensive and also safer and more durable than single line electrical installations. since such electrical installations require more electrical circuit components.

– Electrical Installation Multi Line (Multi MCB)
This multi-line electrical installation is a very safe and highly professional type of electrical installation. as an ordinary electric installer of this kind of electrical installation like this one that I will offer to the consumer. because the type of multi-line electrical installation is much safer than the two series of electrical installations above. in addition to this type of multi-line electrical installation will spoil the consumer (homeowner) when a time of electrical dislocation is not all electric dead, but only on the part of the shorting alone, so avoid the fire caused by electrical short circuit. MCB will block the supply of electrical current that leads to the occurrence of the electrical short circuit and let others light up well.