Types of Dental Patch Based on the Material

Types of Dental Patch Based on the Material
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A dental patch procedure must be performed if one of your teeth is broken, perforated or damaged. The problematic teeth will usually cause uncomfortable pain if left too long. The condition of the patient’s oral health is also one of the determinants of the patch type of tooth to be installed. What types of dental patches are used? Then how do you install patched teeth on Oklahoma City Dentist?

The following are some types of dental patch based on the ingredients:

1. Amalgam

One type of dental patch is made from a mixture of silver, lead, zinc, copper, and mercury. Nearly 50% of the material used is mercury, and usually, these patches are used to repair the back molars. Although the use of this type of patch can last up to 10 years, doctors do not encourage patients to use this type of patch. This is because amalgam is one of the metals that contain mercury which is very dangerous for the body. Mercury if ingested can hurt your digestive organs. Whereas if inhaled can cause health problems in the lungs.

2. Resin composite

This composite dental patch material, made from a mixture of plastic particles and fine glass. The process of the patch this tooth will use bright blue light which serves to harden glass particles on the teeth. This process is classified as requiring a little longer because the doctor will send the dental skeleton prints to the laboratory first to make the contents of the tooth that is perforated or damaged. One of the advantages of this patched dental material is that the color of the patch will blend with the color of the original teeth, and the material is fairly strong. Unfortunately, patchy dental composite prices are slightly more expensive than amalgam materials, and this material can last for about 5 years on the teeth.

3. Metal and porcelain
Porcelain and metal are common ingredients for repairing damage to teeth. Usually, these two ingredients can be used to repair all parts of the teeth, for dental veneers, implants, even braces. However, the price of metal patch installation is much cheaper than porcelain material when you want to repair tooth decay. Both are safe to use in the body and can last more than 7 years.