Tips for Choosing Wedding Catering

Tips for Choosing Wedding Catering
Food & Beverages

One important decision at a wedding is wedding catering. Decorations, hair, makeup, and also dresses can look perfect, but if wedding catering (in this case the food dish) is below standard, that is exactly what the invited guests will remember. Apart from that, you might also check out the excellent taco catering near San Diego, CA if you’d like to provide delicious Mexican foods for your wedding.

Therefore, finding wedding catering must be your priority too. Not only about food and drinks, good wedding catering must be supported by an extraordinary team and can provide satisfying service. Follow these tips to choose wedding catering (or other large-scale events) wisely!

Get recommendations and suggestions

Is this the first time you have rented catering for a large scale event? Ask for recommendations from your friends and family. They can share a list of catering providers who according to them are good and bad based on their experience. Evaluate every potential choice by reading reviews and feedback from previous customers.

Sounds very troublesome? Alternatively, you can visit the trusted catering website to get offers from trusted and reliable catering providers. You can also read reviews and see the catering service portfolio on their business profile page. You can save a lot of time too.

Determine the Marriage Catering Budget

Not a surprise anymore, catering to a wedding with 200 invited guests certainly costs a lot.

One way to manage costs is to determine the maximum budget for one person and tell them how much food you want, for example, a buffet table for 3 main dishes, drinks, and dessert.

Alternatively, you can ask about the package they provide and adjust it to the tastes and number of guests.

Discuss Menu and Food Presentation

If you have a specific theme for your marriage, try to arrange the menu and presentation so that it fits the theme. For example, if your wedding theme is yellow, ask for a lemon decoration for each glass, or fresh carnations for table decorations.

Also, remember to say if there are guests who have certain diets or are allergic to food, such as peanut allergies or special menus for vegetarians.