Tips For Choosing The Right Home Door Material

Tips For Choosing The Right Home Door Material
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The door is the main point of the outside of the house so that it should get more attention in terms of design selection. The shape of the door will be welcome for anyone visiting the house or just passing in front of it. Nowadays, doors are not only made of wood, but there are also other more sophisticated materials used. Among these are aluminium, steel, to composite door bridgend. Therefore we need to know how to choose the right door material.

How to choose the right door for our home? Let us review the various types of doors according to the following ingredients:

1. Aluminum Doors

The door we will introduce first is the aluminium door. Just as the name suggests, this door is indeed made of aluminium. This door is the newest type of door in Indonesia. The advantage of aluminium doors is that you don’t need to worry that the surface will rust because naturally, aluminium has anti-rust properties. Also, you do not need to add any colour coatings or paints because everything has been refined directly by the manufacturer. Where there are advantages there must be disadvantages. The disadvantage of this aluminium door is that the surface can dent when exposed to harsh impacts. Usually, the aluminium door is used to build a modern concept home. For the price itself, of course, it is relatively more expensive, especially if you order the door form directly according to your taste.

2. Steel Doors

Steel doors are the second type of door that is most widely used after wooden doors. The price is expensive to guarantee the quality it has is strong, durable, and almost impossible to crack. However, this door also has the disadvantage that the surface can rust. Causing its beauty will gradually fade.

3. Fibreglass Doors

Fibreglass material is far more resilient to use as a door than aluminium and steel. This door is very suitable as a substitute for a wooden door without the shortcomings of the nature of wood. You can do the painting regularly, which is at least once every five years to maintain its appearance. Through proper maintenance, this door can even last for decades.

4. Composite Door (Artificial Wood)

Composite doors are made of a mixture of MDF with wood veneers. This door is an alternative for those of you who love the beauty of wood but hate the disadvantages. For your maintenance, you also need to pay attention properly so that the fibres in it are not damaged.

5. Wooden Doors

Wood is a door material that is common in our ears. Many types of trees are usually taken by wood to be formed into the door of the house. Each has a different quality. Wooden doors are flexible so they can be used to build decorations in any style.