The Health Advantages of Playing Golf

The Health Advantages of Playing Golf
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Golf sports are very well known in the eyes of the world as an activity to fill leisure time and socialize. In fact, not infrequently people make it a moment to talk business. Indeed, golf is known as an outdoor leisure activity that is not cheap. However, there are reasons that make this sport remain in the hearts of its lovers. Nothing but a variety of health benefits offered, especially if you do it regularly. If you have long been a lover of phuket golf but are still hesitant to start following it, here are five benefits that might drive your doubts.

1. Avoid You from Stress

Can you guess where this benefit came from? The answer is especially if it’s not the beauty of green grass in front of your eyes. Like therapy, the beautiful panorama on the golf course and its fresh air can indirectly lead you to a moment of relaxation. In addition, according to golf sports research also proved to have a positive impact on the balance of one’s soul. Forget problems for a moment, do this exercise at least once a week to feel the benefits. Guaranteed, your stress will decrease slowly.

2. Burn Calories

Who says golf cannot burn calories? Forget caddy and golf cart, take time to walk more! With the size of a field that is so wide, walking while carrying a golf bag that is heavy enough will burn up to 700 calories and of course train your heart’s performance. In addition, your muscle function will also be trained when you swing the golf stick many times. If you do golf regularly, of course, you will feel the body become fitter afterward.

3. Practice Vision and Focus

Why is that? When aiming at the target hole from a great distance, you are required to concentrate like an eagle that needs sharp vision to hunt for prey. In addition, good coordination is needed between the eyes and hands to swing the golf stick accurately. To practice it, make it a habit to swing the stick slowly while looking at the ball in front of the eye and the target hole alternately. This moment is the right time for you to practice hand coordination and focus to be right on target when swinging the stick.