Responsive Web Design Is The Best SEO Strategy

Responsive Web Design Is The Best SEO Strategy
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Smartphones and tablets are very fast skyrocketing, so is the importance of friendly mobile websites. If SEO is the core of your digital marketing strategy, friendly websites / websites are very important. Mobile phone sales have beaten desktop sales, mobile internet use is predicted to be able to catch desktop internet users in 2014. Logically, mobile search will outweigh searches using the desktop in the future. You can visit Web design & SEO service Teesside to get help.

67% of users claim they are more likely to buy a mobile-friendly web, Companies that use SEO are wiser if they make the transition with mobile friendly web and responsive web design. The argument between choosing a friendly website or responsive web design is a contentious topic. But actually, these two choices are still pros and cons. The best choice for your business depends on several factors, such as the purpose of the website, the intended target, and SEO factors. If SEO is a factor, there are a number of reasons why responsive web design is the best choice for your SEO mobile strategy.

With a 67% market share search, when Google speaks, marketers will listen. Google says that responsive web design is the recommended mobile configuration, so far responsive web design is called the best industry practice. Responsive web design has the same URL and HTML, without devices, easier and more efficient when Google searches, indexes and organizes content. Instead of separate mobile sites have URLs and HTML that are different from their competitors, while Goole needs to browse and index several of the same sites.

In addition, Google chooses responsive web designs because content with one site and URL is easier for users to share, interact and link to content than separate mobile sites. This makes it less optimal for the user and his experience, Google emphasizes on user placement and ranking of experience it is important to consider its relationship with SEO.