Realizing your dream marriage with your own budget

Realizing your dream marriage with your own budget
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Who does not want the wedding to be as grand and luxurious as possible? But all returned to the availability of funds owned. It’s okay to carry the same theme, but the funds also have to be agreed, if you can’t, you can’t help but have to be smart in working around it in accordance with your existing budget. Apart from that, call the chicago engagement photographers if you want to take capture the engagement moments with your future life partner.

The most important thing about an event is the impression that it is abandoned, party funds may be sober, but the wedding must be memorable. Here it is, how to save your dream wedding reception.

Make a Guest List

The thing we can do early is sorting out invited guests, not underestimated. Sometimes this guest list will add to the shopping list of needs for our marriage. Why not, with so many guests it will also increase the amount of food consumed and also the souvenirs that we will produce. This will make our budget increase.

Try to choose important guests to be invited from both the bride and groom. Guest colleagues, close friends, and coworkers. Don’t assume that inviting little guests to our marriage will not be festive. So we tend to invite so many guests.

Your Own Land As Much As You Can Use

The current trend, especially in big cities is renting land or restaurants. This is an alternative solution for those of us who live in homes that are small and don’t have much land to be used as weddings. However, it would be nice if we could borrow and use land owned by relatives or close friends to use as a wedding party. In addition to saving costs, this method can also strengthen family relationships.

Select Local Menu

Try making a list of local menus that we will serve to guests. And also use local restaurants to help provide our consumption. The local menu can be a very interesting menu if we can package it. Choose a more general local menu so that it can make our guests more comfortable enjoying a meal for our wedding.