Need to Clean Up Your Window? Use Our Service!

Need to Clean Up Your Window? Use Our Service!
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Sometimes cleaning or washing windows can take a long time and drain a lot of energy. Especially if you live in a tropical area that has hot and humid weather, the window of your house is certainly not spared from dust. Therefore, you are advised to clean the window more often because the dust that is stuck in the window can move into the inside of your house. You can also use window washing dallas services.

In addition to the frequency of window cleaning, the way to clean it also needs to be considered. Have you ever felt even after being repeatedly washed but your window still looks blurry and dirty? This may occur because your cleaning method is wrong so cleaning is not effective.

1. Clean the window when it’s cloudy
Cleaning the window when the sun is blazing is a big mistake that should be avoided. Why? Because heat from the sun will cause the cleaning fluid to dry quickly and this will cause blotches on the window. As a result, you must clean the window repeatedly to get satisfying results.

2. Remove the window cloth / curtain before cleaning the window
If you install a window cloth / curtain on the window, you should first release it before the cleaning process begins. This is done to ensure that dust from your window cloth will not fly or contaminate the window glass.

3. Use the correct cleaning tools & methods

Equipment to be provided:

Cleaning Liquid
Microfiber fabric
1 Warm Water Bucket
Squeegee (cleaning tool made of rubber)

Cleaning steps:

– Pour the cleaning liquid into a bucket of warm water. Remember, do not pour too much cleaning fluid. Less foam, better.

– Use a sponge to absorb as much liquid as possible and spread it evenly throughout the window surface. Soft sponges can lift and absorb dirt without causing scratches on the glass.

– Clean by using a squeegee (rubber blade) and pull in a movement to form the letter S from the top to the bottom. Wipe the squeeqee surface with a clean cloth after each pull and repeat this process several times.

– After that, wipe your window with a microfiber cloth (or other soft cloth) to dry it completely. Microfiber cloth can absorb water without leaving spots or scratches and therefore, is an important equipment that must not be missed.