Knowing a Brief History of Magic

Knowing a Brief History of Magic
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The Cups and Balls trick, one of the most popular close-up magic shows, is the oldest trick in the history of magic. The painting depicts two people playing with four cups. Although it is not certain that the intention is the Cups and Balls game, but this trick can certainly be a very old trick and is still popular today. Although there are many variations that make this trick different, but the main goal is the same, namely moving the ball from one glass to another, appearing and disappearing as the magician wishes. You can visit our website to get gold coast magician.

Giuseppe Pinetti (1750-1800), born in Italy, is another important figure in the history of magic. So famous that he was often asked to appear for the royal family. But in 1783, while he was performing in Paris, Henri Decremps, a lawyer who was also an amateur magician, dismantled Pinetti’s magic method in a book.

Ironically, this fact makes Pinetti more popular, even more famous than before. In 1784, he performed at the Haymarket Theater, London, a very important event because it was the beginning of the transition from street magic and the Fair Festival to a theater performance. This is an inspiration for the next generation of magicians.

John Henry Anderson (1814 -1874) was a magician from Scotland who was often referred to as The Wizard of the North. He successfully penetrated Europe, the United States, and Australia. In fact, ahead of Harry Houdini, the most famous magician in publications.

Anderson is known for his enormous tools and is made of solid silver. He became rich, but eventually lost all wealth after the theater where he performed was burned down and eventually, he went bankrupt.

Since then, people have known magic as a form of performance art. The popularity of the magic world continued into the following century. In fact, many great magicians have sprung up.

At that time, there were no television shows. As a result, magic became one of the most popular forms of live performances and aroused the public’s enthusiasm wherever performances were held.