How to Take Care of Electric Bicycle Batteries

How to Take Care of Electric Bicycle Batteries
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Electric bicycle batteries generally use a dry/maintenance-free battery type SLA or Lithium battery. The battery life of the factory claims 1 to 2 years. Two types of batteries are included free maintenance so you do not have to bother caring for batteries by filling the battery water. Chargers from the factory have been made to automatically cut off the current when the battery is full. Battery life can be shorter or longer not because of maintenance but on how to use it. How to use this type of battery can have a longer life with the use of a large battery. You can visit bike shop Denver colorado to get the best bike.

Use a battery charger that is recommended by the factory that has adjusted the voltage and electric current to the charger. Do not use the quick charge too often (charges quickly) this will shorten the life of the battery, the recommendation to use the quick charge is done in emergency situations only. Do not charge the battery waiting for the battery to run out before charging when the indicator has dropped ¼ or ¾.

Some ways that must be followed to care for your battery:

When moving or riding on a ramp, help by pedaling.
If it has not been used for a long time, it must be routinely refilled.
When increasing speed don’t turn the acceleration lever too fast.
In order to maintain battery life, if the remaining battery is close to 10% or only 1 lamp is lit, then it must be recharged again.

When finished driving or the battery runs out immediately recharge. There are 2 (two) good ways to recharge a battery, namely:

1. Remove the battery from the compartment
When recharging, the charger is not allowed to be reversed because it can damage the life of the battery. The battery is placed in a level place, and insert the charger connection into the battery socket.

2. When the battery is inside the bicycle
Turn off the engine then remove the key. Unplug the controller electrical connection on the battery, then connect the battery to the electric socket.