How To Make Yoga Mattresses Comfortable To Use

How To Make Yoga Mattresses Comfortable To Use
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One of the most popular sports, especially by women is yoga. Yoga has many health benefits. Besides being able to lose weight, build muscle, and make the body healthy and fit, yoga can also help relieve stressed thoughts, and restore a bad mood to be good again. You can join our yoga class at Yoga Southgate.

Yoga contains a variety of movements, ranging from simple movements to very complicated movements. No wonder, if you practice yoga, you need a mattress so you can be comfortable in doing these movements. In using a mattress, you must pay attention to the following important things.

1. Use Both Sides
Mattresses are generally rectangular and have two sides of the same shape. Make sure you use the two mattresses correctly. Do not let you only use one side of the mattress. This aims to avoid the mattress from damage.

2. Tidy up the mattress
The next thing you need to pay attention to on your yoga mat is how to tidy it up after use. Generally, when doing yoga, you will sweat a lot. Most likely the sweat will stick to the mattress. What you need to pay attention to is when you want to tidy up the yoga mat after it is used, do not immediately roll it up. Let the mattress open so that it is exposed to the sun. So, the bacteria that comes from your sweat that sticks to the mattress will dry out.

3. Don’t let your mattress dirty
Preferably, yoga mattresses are always left clean. Not only that, make sure you do yoga in a clean place. Because, if the place you choose to do yoga is dirty, then the dirt will also stick to the mattress. And don’t forget to pay attention to your feet. Clean your feet first before stepping on the mat and doing yoga. This is to prevent dirt from sticking to the mattress that you always wear and touch your skin directly.