Here Are Some Rules for Using a Laptop That Is Always Ignored

Here Are Some Rules for Using a Laptop That Is Always Ignored
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Many people always use laptops in their activities. This one electronic object has indeed become a necessity for some people who depend on their activities on laptops. One type of laptop that is always looking for is the Macbook. However, if it is damaged, then you must bring it to experts who can handle the problem on the Macbook. You can use services from the Singapore Macbook Repair so that the problems on your laptop can be handled properly.

In using a laptop, there are actually some rules that should be done so that the laptop is not easily damaged. Some of the rules in question are

  • Keep charging on the laptop even if the battery is not used up
    You who feel panic and often paranoid are certainly used to using a laptop charge even though the battery is still above 30 percent. This is wrong, because it will make your battery’s ability to supply less power.
  • Install the charge cable to the laptop first rather than to an electric current
    You should first connect to the electric current and then connect to your laptop. Because the power jump on the first charge on the plug is unstable and if you still do this then get ready one day your motherboard will get damaged quickly.
  • Using a laptop in a hot place
    Again, if you carefully read your laptop usage guide, you will find a ban on using a laptop at temperatures greater than 34 degrees Celsius. Are you sure you notice the temperature before using your laptop?
  • Using a laptop in your lap
    A trivial thing and most often done by laptop owners is to use it in the lap or on the thigh. Intending to facilitate work, it actually makes the airflow under the laptop become blocked and the heat settles.
  • Lift the laptop by holding the screen
    You who use a laptop with a size below 13 inches must have done this. Maybe you think it’s just a trivial thing to lift the laptop by holding the screen but it’s very dangerous for the LCD hinges.