Emergency ways to open the car door

Emergency ways to open the car door
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You can use this method if all doors are locked but luggage can still be opened. This method is the quickest, easiest and won’t make a car beret with a note that your luggage can be opened. Use an emergency rope, this rope is usually in many types of cars and is used to access the car’s interior from the rear trunk. The location of this rope is on the trunk ceiling or close to the trunk door. If you have found the rope, pull the rope to open the seat or bench that is back to front. Enter through the open bench and you can pick up your car key. Apart from that, don’t forget to call the best Washington DC locksmith if you need a professional’s help to open the door of your car quickly and easily.

Iron ruler

The way this iron ruler works is almost the same as a clothes hanger. Insert a long iron ruler into the gap between the rubber and the door. After you feel entered quite deep then slide your ruler. The process of shifting the ruler happens until you find it like a lever/button in it, then press the lever/button. If you have seen your door lock in an unlocked condition, the sign is that the door can be opened. Pull the iron ruler that you inserted earlier, not to damage the car paint.

In some types of cars that use Immobilizer Keys cannot use this method. Immobilizer Keys are car keys that function to start the engine and also have a key security system using a computer chip planted inside the car’s engine and also the car key.

Break the glass

Breaking glass is a must-do alternative if you don’t want to damage your car system. For some types of cars, it does have a high-security system. It is better to break the glass than to damage the existing security system. Breaking the glass will certainly make the alarm sound but this won’t last long. You break the glass yourself and not a thief so it won’t be a big problem.