Common Plumbing Problems at Home

Common Plumbing Problems at Home
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The situation when a water pipeline in a house is free of problems is directly proportional to the chance you have a clean water supply for your daily needs. Which homeowner does not desire this? But unfortunately, the reality is not always that sweet. Water pipes are often a problem that makes scratching your head (and body!) When it threatens the presence of clean water at home and makes it difficult for you to take a shower or even just wash your hands. If it turns out that we share the same concerns regarding this matter, you are on the right page! Visit Cheap Handyman service in singapore to get help.

1. Clogged Pipe

Most annoying when the moment realizes this problem occurs when trying to do the dishes after a family meal session. The water will pool and cannot be channeled to the pipe because it is clogged. The initial step is definitely to check if there is a pile of leftover rice or other types of food clogging in the pipe filter section. But if this has been done and the water is still not working, do the following.


Try using a plunger or plumbing cleaner. Before the cleaning process using this tool, it is better to first flush the pipeline with enough hot water so that the cleaned surface is softer and the dirt that is attached becomes easier to lift.
Give liquid mixture consisting of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar into the pipeline.
Recognize the causes of clogging to avoid similar cases happening again later on. Among the many possibilities, some of the top ones are oil, fat, and other food marks. Get used to always throw food scraps on the plate, if there is one, before putting it in the dishwasher.

2. Damage to the Flush Toilet Tool

There are two common possibilities of damage. That is when the flush tool cannot stop working or the flush tool does not work at all. The first problem occurred because of a leak in the portal channeled water to clean the toilet that should be controlled. So it is a disaster when water continues to overflow, and disasters are greater if there is “dirt” when it occurs. The second problem occurs when there is a blockage in the pipeline which is usually the pathway for dirt to go to the dump.