Common Mistakes in Website Design

Common Mistakes in Website Design
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Do you have a website? We believe you already have it because the website is a popular medium for marketing your business. Apart from functioning as a marketing medium, the website is also a reflection of your company, so the professional website design is important to have. Unfortunately, many business people pay less attention to the appearance of their website. In fact, trivial mistakes in making website design can be fatal. Here are some common mistakes that are often made when designing a website. To avoid that, you can use web design Jacksonville service.

Selecting a Photo / Image with Poor Quality
One of the important parts when building a website design is a photo. Choosing the right photo or image can convey millions of meanings, because a good photo can convey emotions, give orders to carry out actions, explain features or products in detail, even describe a concept without having to read a word in the promotion. Vice versa. Poor photos can give your website a bad impression. You also need to know that photos/images that are good for use on a website do not only have to be High Resolution (high resolution). Why? A resolution that is too high can also affect the performance of your website, and potentially slow down access speeds. So, please consider carefully using photos for your website.

Navigation Too Complicated
This is where you have to think even harder. In the Navigation section, you must be able to understand what you and website visitors really want. Determining navigation can be described as laying the initial foundation of a house. Failure to set the initial foundation can risk causing your house to collapse. There is a quick way you can go about determining what kind of navigation you will use: ask yourself.

Incorrect use of typography and colors
Talking about design cannot be separated from typography and color. Since this topic is endless under discussion and the explanation is potentially very lengthy, we won’t go into it in detail here.

The visitors visit your website to read the text and rarely pay attention to the colors or other design elements you use. Therefore, pay close attention to the selection of typography and colors when building a website.