Chiropractic History

Chiropractic History
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Perhaps many people think that the term chiropractic is widely used in English. In fact, the term chiropractic comes from Greek. The term chiropractic comes from the terms cheiros (hands) and practicos (practices). Literally, chiropractic has the meaning of therapy that is practiced using hands. Actually, chiropractic has been done for a long time, namely in ancient Egypt. In addition, some regions such as Greece, China, and India have also long been implementing chiropractic therapy with health goals. In modern times, chiropractic was reintroduced by Daniel David Palmer in 1895.

Good chiropractic such as chiropractor 77077 has several characteristics. You should pay attention to the characteristics of chiropractic therapy in order to find the right chiropractic clinic. Some characteristics of chiropractic can be seen below:

Without tools
Without chemical drugs
Without surgery
Without inner power
Without the help of black magic
Without pain
Without long time
Safe for children and parents

Strong evidence shows that chiropractic is effective for pain relief. However, consult a doctor to be safer. Ask if chiropractic care or other pain relief alternatives are right for you.

There are some opinions which state that chiropractic can overcome scoliosis. Is it true? Chiropractic therapy only aims to relax the muscles and make the joints move well. Thus, in cases of crooked spine abnormalities or scoliosis, it cannot be treated by doing chiropractic therapy. Scoliosis should not be treated carelessly, let alone by being ordered to straighten the spine. This is because a special method is needed to straighten a bent spine.

Therapy that is suitable for dealing with scoliosis is brace therapy. The brace is a bone brace that is made to be used throughout the body of the pelvis to the armpits. The use of a brace is recommended for people whose spinal curvature levels reach up to 25 to 35 degrees. Brace therapy is believed to be effective for straightening bent bones.