Are There Lots of Mosquitoes in the House?

The insects that cause itching and disease never stop bothering. If you feel that you have tried your best to keep mosquitoes out of your house but to no avail, you may be missing the following. You can also visit our website to get Frisco Best Mosquito Control.

Stack of goods
Mosquitoes like to hide in dark and humid places, such as between piles of things or between hangers. These places are usually protected when you spray insecticide so that the mosquitoes keep disturbing your sleep even after spraying the room. Try not to pile up too many items at home. If forced, keep it away from rooms that are often used for activities. Make a habit of closing the wardrobe to prevent mosquitoes from entering it and routinely shaking the clothes that are hanging in it to repel hidden mosquitoes.

Hole in the ground
It may sound awkward, but holes in the ground can create puddles where mosquitoes can nest. These holes can be hidden or rarely seen by you. Take the time to examine the corners of your yard. If you find holes or depressions, immediately fill or cover the holes.

Wild plants
Apart from piles of stuff, mosquitoes also like to hide in plant leaves, especially those that are wide, thin, or elongated, as well as in tree holes. This is one of the insect’s survival instincts from predators. Always take care of your garden. Get rid of weeds and keep plants with broad or long leaves as far away from your room as possible. Then, look at the trees in your yard, cover with plastic if you find any gaps or holes deep enough for mosquitoes to hide. You can also plant plants that mosquitoes hate around your garden such as lavender.

The air circulation is not smooth
Mosquitoes like to be in humid and hot environments. Improve air circulation in your home. Do you know? Mosquitoes don’t like fans because they are too weak to fight the wind.