3 Easy Car Body Care Tips

3 Easy Car Body Care Tips

It is only natural if you carry out routine maintenance for the car that you have. With routine maintenance, of course, the condition and performance of the car is maintained properly. Not only maintaining the condition of the engine, but the appearance of the interior and exterior of the car also needs to be considered, one of which is car body maintenance. Although it does not have an impact on the performance of the car, the appearance of the car’s body is dull and faded, of course it will disturb the appearance of your car. For car body care you can actually do it at home regularly, without having to take it to the car salon. Even though it looks easy, there are a number of things you need to pay attention to. Apart from that, check out the hail repair near me, if you need the professionals to maintain the body of your car.

Well here are some ways to car body care that you can do yourself at home:

1. Avoid excessive UV rays

As explained earlier, excessive sunlight (UV) will adversely affect the appearance of your car’s body. So as much as possible to avoid excessive sun (UV) cars. When you want to park it, look for a parking lot that is quite shady especially when you want to park your car long enough. But when you don’t find enough parking, you can try to use a car cover or other car cover.

2. Use Special Shampoo

When you want to wash your own car at home, make sure if you use a shampoo specifically used for cars. This is because the car shampoo has a level that has indeed been adjusted to the body of the car so that it can treat car body paint better.

3. Clean with a fine cloth

The next car body care tips are to consider the tools you use to clean the body parts of the car. Use a soft cloth to clean the outside of the car, do not use a rough cloth. Usually, there is already a cloth that is specifically used to wipe the car, like a chamois. If you don’t have these two types of fabric, you can use a cloth with a soft and soft material.