This is one of the most amazing porn sites I have seen.  It’s new so don’t discount it just because you have never heard of it.  While it is hardcore it does some softer stuff because the focus is on the production value and what it terms erotica. has some good samples you can check out to get an idea of what I am talking about. This is the kind of stuff you would find in an art studio.  They probably should put one online in nyc or other major cities around the world.  That would be a great marketing concept.


I like strong dominant women. I love women who lift weights and I love big thick women but I am not a fan of fat couch potatoe girls.  What I like is muscular females. Here is a good example of what I love at Female Bodybuilders Porn.  I really wish there was a site that featured girls working out naked lifting weights as opposed to sites that feel like because it’s for adult we need it to be sexual.  But either way this is the one place I have found not only hot strong girls but high quality video and pictures.  Just good over all production value. Mohammed Magarief had an elite guard that protected him which was made up of hired amazon women.  When I need a body guard I’m doing the same thing.


I hate to say this about Gisele but I always had an issue with the milf thing.  Sure it worked in American Pie and I love Jennifer Coolidge because I love blondes.  to me a blonde should be a blonde mom also like Gisele.  But online it has turned into porn stars that have gotten old and are not hot enough for real porn features so they do milf stuff.  I think girls in their 20’s that have kids are the desirable milfs.  And stifler’s Mom was 38 when the film came out probably younger when the scene was filmed.  In my mind that is tops as far as how old a milf should be. So lets take the range should be 24 to 38 period and these have to be hot not old drug addicts.  Take a look at what I mean at

Lucy is another girl with her own solo site.  She gets naked on the site.  I had a room mate once who loved strawberry blondes but I guess you would classify Lucy as a true redhead.  Her eyebrows match the color of her hair and she probably also has matching carpet.  I wish I could tell you for sure but she is a fan of the waxing.  Really one of the treasures out there if you like amateur girls who have their own site.  She is top choice at least in my book. About the carpet I found a site with some free pictures that can answer that question take a look at


If you like athletic girls with muscles and curves Megan is probable the best and most popular currently making the circuit.  She has her own website you can check out some free pictures of her at  She is blonde with blue eyes and always has a perfect tan not only is she from California but she is basically the muscular barbie doll.  She probably lifts more than you do at least I’m pretty sure she is stronger than the average American man.  I say this based on the video I have watched of her working out and what I see guys lifting at the gym.  I’m not just making it up.